July 8, 2021

Decision = Quoting Prospects at Sales Funnel

By hr4cky30

The CRM contains a lot of data about customers and prospects who have made it to this stage. Before you make an offer or discuss pricing, review the customer’s data in the CRM (such as their customer profile and your recorded calls with them) to uncover useful insights and personalize the experience.

For example, you could address the lead’s previously noted concerns from an email exchange during the phone call. This will show you understand the prospect’s issues and pain points, and that you care about addressing their needs.

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Use CRM software to improve your efficiency by setting reminders to perform tasks on specific dates and times. You can set follow-up tasks and reminders to contact specific leads, and assign tasks to leads or contacts. Stay organized by checking off completed tasks, setting deadlines to submit quotes, and adjusting those deadlines when prospects do not respond by a given time.

You can also use the CRM software to track the activities of your company’s other sales reps. Publish activity reports to monitor quotes sent out, opportunities missed, calls and emails made, appointments made and concluded, notes taken, visits with prospects, and more. You can sort activities by groups, review email and call outcomes, and determine which sales reps are (or are not) moving deals to the next stage in the funnel.