July 10, 2021

Large Corporation and Nonprofit

By hr4cky30

Though startups and entrepreneurship are becoming more popular career choices, joining “Corporate America” is still the end-goal for many job seekers. If you’re looking for a traditional 9-to-5 office job that offers benefits, job security and a chance to rise up through the ranks, this is probably the path for you.

Larger, more established companies are also a good fit for individuals who prefer guidance from management in their job duties. You won’t have much influence in business decisions until you reach a higher level, but there’s strength in numbers. A big company has a big presence in its industry and market, so you’ll get to be part of that.

“A big company will give you more direction, teach you [skills] and help you grow, rather than having you figure it all out yourself,” Desai told Business News Daily. “It also allows you to specialize in one area.”

Ask yourself:

Am I looking for financial stability and a strong career path with regular raises and promotions?
Do I perform best when I’m in a structured environment with clear-cut processes and reporting lines?
Am I willing to accept less credit and recognition within the company in exchange for access to greater resources, professional development and networking opportunities?

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Nonprofit organizations, as the name implies, are companies whose proceeds go toward a cause, rather than business development or investments. This being the case, nonprofits often try to keep their overhead costs — like office space, equipment and salaries — as low as possible to ensure their dollars do the most good they can. You won’t get rich working for a nonprofit, but you’ll likely get a much greater sense of purpose and fulfillment from your career.

“To work in and support nonprofits, you must know that partnership is essential, innovative thinking is key and it’s all about the people you serve,” said Deirdre Greene Groves, executive director of Challenge Detroit, a nonprofit organization that connects Detroit-area job seekers with employment opportunities.

Ask yourself:

Am I passionate about a social or environmental cause?
Do I want to have a direct, positive impact on the world through my work?
Would I rather make a difference than a lot of money?